Everyone has a story to tell. however some are called to share gripping testimonies that point to god’s grace and modern day miracles in their lives as they “testify”.


Adventists, Bible, Family, History, People

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Let's talk about him

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Glimmer of Hope

When things are tough, life still goes on and can be beautiful if god is placed in charge. Watch as stories are told about god’s leading hands in the lives of various individuals who were given a “Glimmer of Hope”.

Youth Focus

On this programme youths have an opportunity to voice their thoughts on various topical issues affecting them during their walk with christ. They are guided on what is the right path to take by those senior to them during discussions on the issues highlighted in each episode.


The ability to question ourselves about what is around us has triggered reflections in each person throughout his or her life. There are important questions, however, for which we can't find an answer. It is the reason this series is so important for you. Get ready to be enlightened to understand issues about life and faith which you have probably wondered about.